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I'm so gladyou're here!

Passion:The "something" that causes you to make a conscious decision to endure whatever trials and tribulations that lie between you and that "something".  The "something" that gives you an overwhelming array of emotions that inspires you to live a life filled with love, integrity, and understanding. The "something" that is at the root of the anxiety and undeniable feeling that you are meant to do or be more in this crazy journey we call life. While passion can be something that excites us or angers us or heightens the fulfillment of our sex lives, I see passion as the one thing in life I've always wanted to be but just the thought of taking that leap of faith scared the hell out of me. Snakes, spiders, and taking the leap to live my life passion top the list of things that terrify me.


Spiritual Awakening:The "something" that brings clarity to your life purpose. The "something" that shifts the attraction of drama and unauthentic people to who and what really matter in life. The "something" that gives you a gentle nudge (similar to being hit by a Mac Truck at 80mph) to commit to living a life of authenticity and wholeness. The "something" that gives you the strength to take each and every one of those trials and tribulations head on because you have never felt so 'right' or 'drawn to' or 'connected' to anything quite like this before. 


These two things, along with a loving shove from my mentor Kelli Miller, and the insurmountable amount of support from my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, and my soul sister Jen, are the reasons I made the conscious choice to change my life forever and start living my passion.  I've never felt more authentic as I do now living life as the diabetic-friendly (no sugar-coating here) intuitive awakening coach-psychic medium-energy healer. 


If you find yourself somewhere between "who the hell am I" and "what am I meant to do", you're right where you need to be. My gifts allow me to help others who are going through their spiritual awakening, whether they know what a spiritual awakening is or not. If you need clarification or advice on your life purpose, relationship, or career, I'm your girl! I have been blessed with amazing spirit guides who's unending love, support, and knowledge allow me to bring comfort and clarity to those who find themselves at a crossroads. Another service I offer is spiritual home or office cleansing. Whether you are a new tenant to this space or there is a new vibe in your space, I can help. With a spiritual cleansing, the negative and stagnant spirit is removed followed by an infusion of  the energy of love, tranquility, and abundance into your space.


Go to theUnderstanding Your Awakening page to schedule an appointment with me. 

Again, I am so glad you are here and I'm thankful for the opportunity to assist you. 

My Story

When we stop ignoring the obvious...some seriously magical shit happens!

A dream of changing the world collided with my passion for helping people on a soul level...

As the Aries that I am, stubbornness and procrastination played an integral role along the journey to bringing 

NLA Intuitive Awakenings to life. One of the greatest things the universe has to offer is the unwavering dedication to steering us down the path that leads to our highest good, no matter the resistance. My own "dark night of the soul" experience has led me to fully embracing my soul's purpose of being the wounded healer. Therefore, it only makes sense that my journey left wounds, as you cannot be the wounded healer if you've never been wounded. 

Freedom Comes From Understanding Your Past

The wound that overpowered all others is the fear of abandonment. With a list of "failed relationships", the feelings of "not being good enough" or "everyone always leaves" are some that I am no stranger to. It wasn't until the later portion of my spiritual awakening that I committed my focus to understanding these feelings that seem to haunt me. Amidst finding awareness with this and understanding the who what where when why's, I realized that so many more souls than I ever imagined are enduring the same pain. Thankfully, I found Abraham Hicks along with numerous other empowering light workers, and consequently found the understanding to this deep seated wound. Today, I find empowerment and fulfillment with helping other souls heal from this very same wound. 

"Sometimes, all it takes is someone to believe in you for you to believe in yourself"

~Sandra Galati

Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective.

Consider this:

Are you more likely to fall asleep while sitting in your recliner or while sitting on a folding chair?

Typically, our choices in life are based on comfort.

However, sometimes it takes stepping outside of our comfort zone along with some short-term pain to get us moving towards our soul-driven purpose.

When given the choice, 

choose motivation over stagnation.​


Private Readings

These can be done in person or over FaceTime. Most readings are 60-minutes but may go longer depending on the subjects we are covering. 

Please prepare for our reading, suggestions can be found below. Upon receiving payment you will  receive an email with these tips and suggestions.

Emergency Readings

There are times throughout our journey when we simply cannot wait for the answers we need in order to live life to our highest potential. If you are experiencing one of these times or simply do not want to wait for regular availability, an emergency reading is just for you! These readings are 15-30 minutes depending on the subjects we are covering, and will be done within 24-48 hours of receiving payment. 

Spiritual Home or Office Cleansing

Moving into a new home or office? Have unexplained anxiety, fear, or the feeling you're being watched when you're in certain areas of your home or office? A spiritual  cleansing  involves a methodical approach to removing unwanted, negative, or stagnant energy from your  personal space, followed by an infusion of love, tranquility, and abundance. 

Reiki Energy Healing

As a Reiki Master Practitioner, I am blessed to be able to offer energy healing in addition to my other services listed. Holistic and energy healing offers a bountiful basket of benefits that pharmaceuticals cannot. 

Group Reading Party

While talking with your tribe, you come to the realization that your interest in a reading, and a need for a few hours with friends away from everyday responsibilities is something you all have in common. Make it simple, book a party.

For parties of 5 or more:

*FREE for the host/hostess

*$44/per guest

*Each guest will get $5 off coupon for a personal reading

*Each guest who books a group reading party will receive a coupon for a free personal reading

Bomb-ass Special for March

Due to the abundance of intense energy shifts and transformational wtf' March I am offering a 17% discount for couples readings.


Tarot Insight on life by yours truly...

Have you checked out my YouTube page where I upload FREE daily, monthly, and timeless tarot readings?!

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"Holy shit! Thank you SO much. 

I don’t think you realize how much you changed my mom's life today. You’re amazing."

Trinity Marie

The daughter who is strong, intelligent, and understands the concept of self-love reaches out in an attempt to find healing and clarity for her hard-working, self-sacrificing mother. 

Nicole, I must thank you! For those of you who have not experienced a reading or sought out guidance when so much is going on in life, I must say that this dear friend of mine has got a wonderful gift! Again, thank you for your clarity and guidance as I continue to go through this beautiful awakening!

Ashley Kay

One who finds herself between "I know I'm worth so much more" and "I need a cheerleader". 

"Out of clutter, find SIMPLICITY

Out of discord, find HARMONY

In the middle of difficulty lies OPPORTUNITIES." ~Albert Einstein

"Using every resource available to her, Nicole provided me with a great deal of spiritual guidance and led me to decisions that altered my life in many positive ways."

Sidney Olson

Let your dreams set your passion on fire and fulfillment will find you.

"Your insight and being able to explain things to me was wonderful! I am so excited to see what the future has in store for me!!!"

Megan Siemonsma

Single, successful, & sifting through the signs & synchronicities.

"Insightful and inspiring! Can’t wait for my next meeting with Nicole!"

Jessica Bentz

Wife, mother of one with baby #2 on the way, seeks guidance on career moves while needing clarity on the passing of her mother. 

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